Google is taking a bold step in the CBD industry by loosening their advertising policy for non-ingestible products. Starting this January, brands will have access to paid ads within California, Colorado and Puerto Rico – provided that THC levels don’t exceed 0.3%. This move demonstrates Google’s recognition of the prevalence and widespread availability of these products while providing an opportunity for businesses looking to break into big media buys with greater success.

Google’s pilot program has been revised to allow advertisers to promote topical, hemp-derived products such as creams and beauty items; prescription medications containing CBD with FDA approval; plus candles, bath bombs and more. Brands still can’t advertise products that can be ingested or inhaled. These revised guidelines also give brands the freedom of utilizing keywords for campaigns in participating areas and exempts THC content up to 0.3% from Google’s list of restricted substances.

Google has carefully considered a variety of elements when selecting these new markets, such as size and regional maturity. Staying in tune with customer feedback is also paramount for Google – it will use this input to decide whether its platforms should be further expanded globally.

Google has officially partnered with LegitScript as its exclusive third-party medical expert in providing certified advertising opportunities for qualified CBD merchandise and sites – making it a must have stamp of approval!

LegitScript has implemented rigorous testing procedures to ensure approved advertising. Companies must submit their product samples for evaluation by LegitScript’s third-party testers to verify that they meet the legal THC limit. With this extra layer of protection from Legitimate Certification assurance program, customers can be sure that only quality CBD articles are promoted online.

Ads will also be age-restricted for those under eighteen years of age as part of Google’s existing ad policies which aim to discourage misleading medical promotions or local requirements in relation to pharmaceutical companies.

As a wrap, for CBD advertisers hoping to promote their products, achieving LegitScript certification is the key.

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