Frequently Asked Questions

This Agreement was last modified on 18th february 2016

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What is Bloomble?

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Bloomble connects consumers with reputable brands in the hemp CBD space. Purchase items, sell your products, and learn more about the industry that is creating quite the buzz!

Why Should I Buy From Bloomble?

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Our mission is to supply you with the best quality products and materials on the market.

We carefully vet each vendor before they are allowed to sell on our website – checking the labeling, (COA’s) certificates of analysis, and overall functionality of the company. If they don’t meet ours or our customer’s expectations within two strikes, they are banned from working with us forever.

We take your health very seriously and work to give you trustworthy products from trustworthy sources.

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

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When you check out on our site, you can choose the shipping method based on your preferences. Overnight, priority and standard shipping are all available.

For raw materials that are sent from our lab to vendors, you can expect standard overnight shipping unless told otherwise.

How Long Will it Take To Get My Package?

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Generally speaking, you can expect 5-10 business days. Based on the priority of shipping you choose during checkout will surmount for most of the time you should allocate towards your package’s arrival.

**Please Note** – If you purchase items from different brands, there is a chance that you will receive those products on different days due to the fact that they could be coming from different locations. Every vendor has the right to fulfill products themselves, rather than using our fulfillment warehouse.

How Do I Track My Order?

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Upon fulfillment of the order, you will be sent a confirmation email with tracking information.

Do I Need an Account to Place an Order?

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Yes, you do. That way, you can go in to view your purchase history and have access to shipping information.

Do You Sell Raw Materials? (Isolate, Distillate, Biomass)

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Yes we do. Please send any injuries to or call (650) 651-8265.

Can Bloomble Fulfill Orders For Me?

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Yes! Bloomble offers shipping and fulfillment out of our 30,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Utah for partnered vendors if they so desire. It usually cuts the cost of shipping down significantly.  It also reduces the need to hire employees specifically for fulfillment because we can handle shipping for not only orders that come through Bloomble, but for your company as a whole.

How Should I to Contact if I Have Any Queries?

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Please email or call our number (650) 651-8265

One HD Hydration Water - Single + 1 Item
Bought by Heidi from West Newton
Order Total $5.00
One HD Hydration Water - Single
Bought by Mike from Henderson
Order Total $9.99
Sacred Biology CBD Muscle Rub - 150mg + 1 Item
Bought by Dorthea from San marcos
Order Total $81.98
50mg CBD High Dose Hard Lemon Candy (50 Count) by Paradise Candy + 4 Items
Bought by Kelly from Austin
Order Total $413.79
Sacred Biology CBD Muscle Rub - 150mg
Bought by Anne from La Verne
Order Total $46.92
CBD Pet Tinctures by Lazarus Naturals - 15 ML, 225 MG + 1 Item
Bought by Linda from Carrolton
Order Total $37.97
One HD Hydration Water - Case
Bought by Melissa from Clarendon hills
Order Total $94.25
CBD Tincture (120mg) by Alpha Extracts + 6 Items
Bought by Geoff from Crystal Lake
Order Total $1,457.80
Pure CBD Oil Extract by Alpha Extracts - 1 G
Bought by Perla from Fallbrook
Order Total $47.92
One HD Hydration Water - Case
Bought by Michael from crystal lake
Order Total $67.00
CBD Deodorant by Sacred Biology
Bought by Jodi from Trafalgar
Order Total $22.95
CBD Tinctures by Lazarus Naturals - 60 ML, 900 MG
Bought by Brandon from Charlotte
Order Total $47.97
Liquid Gold 1500 mg - Tincture (15 ml bottle) By Grassroots International + 1 Item
Bought by Scott from Alexandria
Order Total $200.00