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In a world where consumer tastes can transform almost instantly, only those organizations with the ability to respond efficiently, innovatively and creatively to change will be able to survive and thrive.

The Buzz for Hemp Cigarette Sticks

In the hemp and CBD industry, brands all across America have had to adapt to a seismic shift in market demand which has been as shocking as it has been unexpected. In just a few years, demand for high quality CBD products has blasted into the stratosphere with products ranging from tinctures and evolving all the way to waters, coffees, gummies and essentially any other type of product that a consumer can think of.  As consumers migrate through the vast spectrum of products laid out in front of them they will also be forced to look at the smokable hemp market as a holistic addition for their day to day pressures.

While its tough to think about hemp being a smokable product due to its main utility being extraction, farmers are slowly migrating plots of their land dedicated to boutique smokeable Hemp Buds— high in CBD, but containing almost no THC. Smokable Hemp Bud products have been known to be carefully manicured and properly treated as to have no real distinction between recreational marijuana and hemp flower itself. Smoking hemp flower has been found to take the edge off while delivering a relaxed feeling without truly receiving the psychoactive effects that cause consumers to get high. The common occurrence between many of the people that we have interviewed say that it serves to replace the rituals associated with smoking cigarettes. They have claimed that over several weeks of smoking hemp flower the cravings for tobacco begin to subside.

Many users prior to experiencing hemp were truly skeptical of the benefits that could serve as a replacement for tobacco users. After giving it a chance they soon come to find out that hemp could be the answer that they were looking for all along. Multiple consumers claimed that they tried it because of the “trend” and “cool factor” that comes along with CBD/hemp products. Many are turning to CBD in various applications to replace tobacco, and research indicates the cannabinoid may well have some true potential in that arena.

The Future of Hemp Cigarettes

The hemp marketplace has already been seeing products of all shapes and sizes. Now, the question for top CBD manufacturers is what product will stand out as the most applicable in taking off the edge and helping each day go by just that much better. The best hemp cigarette brands  have started to address that question while also seeking how they could best share hemp flower with tobacco smokers seeking an alternative. While smoking hemp flower from glass or in a spliff may give a similar feeling, chemically, those configurations were far-expelled from the one most smokers were hoping to supplant.

One interviewee said “For most people, including myself, it is way more than just a chemically addiction to the nicotine compound that keeps everyone smoking cigarettes. I truly feel as if it’s just an extra chance to step away from the daily activities to get outside and have a quiet couple minutes to myself or with friends and work associates.”

To hemp cigarette stick manufacturers it should go without saying that in order to beat big tobacco you will truly have to replicate the feel and experience of regular cigarettes like Malboro. This replacement would have to have the same feeling in both the hand and mouth alike that all cigarette consumers are used to. It would have to smoke like a cigarette and come in packaging that has very little differentiation between packaging. It will essentially have to create the same exact presence as tobacco, but instead replaced with premium CBD-rich smokeable hemp flower.

Long story short– it will in essence have to combat cigarettes with cigarettes.

Challenges Derived from CBD Cigarettes

Exchanging hemp flower for tobacco and convincing consumers of an accurate replica of today’s cigarette is by no means an easy accomplishment. Even after being carefully harvested, dried, manicured, ground and sifted– the hemp plant has extremely different characteristics than tobacco. For one thing, it’s more sticky and moisture retention is a lot higher. These are only two of the many characteristics that make smokeable hemp flower relatively tough to mask into the feel of cigarettes composed of dry trimmings of tobacco.

As the hemp market grew substantially with both jars of boutique Smokable CBD Hemp Buds and prerolled joints of high CBD-rich flower with consumers, it has become evidently clear that there is a big market and room for other smokeable hemp products alike. It’s this exact demand in the market that has proved that hemp cigarettes might actually be here to stay regardless of the challenges that they pose to overcome.

Picking the Right Brand For Recreational Use

Rather than provide customers a product they won’t be satisfied with, the team at Natural Hemp Products instead took a moment to step back and assess their priorities for a CBD hemp cigarette. For them, it simply could never be enough to get a product that is right only some of the time. Natural Hemp Products sole mission is to achieve a composition that is right 100% of the time. Absolutely perfect for the customer to just sit back and enjoy. The consistency that they have is mandated by their entire team to either make the perfect cigarette or throw it out completely so that they don’t risk having an inferior product out in the market.

After sitting down with some of the executives at Natural Hemp they stated “Tobacco companies surely do have a lot of bad things that can be said about them. One thing that can not be said bad about them is their unique ability to deliver the same product with the same consistency in every single pack. Our job is to provide enthusiast for smoking with an alternative that has the exact same sort of consistency.”

The team at Natural Hemp had to work tirelessly to continue trying different brands, compositions, terpene profiles, and moisture levels to really dial into the most ideal image and display for what has been ranked as the Best CBD Hemp Bud Cigarette brand in the nation. Once they had the composition put together they had one major hurdle to jump through. The small “mom and pop” manufacturing practices weren’t going to cut it for the scale that they intended to be doing as their customer base grew. They knew something had to change and so they went on a search for a strong partnership that can help ease the pain of growth. After searching and going through a countless amount of manufacturers they finally found one with the experience and expertise that could push them to the next level.

The partner that they chose is a company that has unbelievable machinery and even better distribution capacities. Their experience in the industry has helped them better navigate the waters of the hemp and CBD industry. Nowadays Natural Hemp Cigarette Sticks are being shipped nationwide while having a strong retail presence in all the major cities across America. If you haven’t had the chance to try a hemp cigarette I strongly suggest that you do yourself a favor and buy a pack to test out. It definitely will not be anything that you will regret.

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