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On Tuesday, Michigan voters decided to legalize recreational marijuana. To some it may come as a big suprise, but to many they saw it as the most likely outcome for the turnout of Tuesday’s ballot. With the next election not being until 2020, we are left to wonder– which states will legalize recreational marijuana before voters get the chance to.

Here is our take on the 6 most likely states to go recreational next:

      1. Illinois

Illinois has just made the decision to vote Governor JB Pritzker into office who also stands very pro-marijuana. JB’s main selling point to the people of Illinois was that he was going to “legalize marijuana in a safe way for the city of Chicago”. He has come out multiple times stating that his true intention was to legalize marijuana soon after taking office. Considering that Pritzker and the democrats control both houses of the Illinois legislature, all he has to do is convince his own party to jump aboard the Cannabis train.

     2. New Jersey

As of November 2017 New Jersey was in the same boat as Illinois: They went through electing a pro-recreational marijuana Democrat (Phil Murphy) who has plans to legalize cannabis right away. As we all know, it hasn’t happened just yet, but Murphy and other high ranking democrats say that they’re committed to putting recreational marijuana at the top of their list for the not so distant future. It may not be within the next month or two, but we are very confident that New Jersey will make marijuana legal within the next year.

    3. New York

For nearly half a decade the biggest obstacle to New York permitting recreational marijuana was Governor Andrew Cuomo, who opposed the thought wholeheartedly. But Cuomo seems to be having a change of heart lately, and after an evaluation by the state recommending the legalization of marijuana, Cuomo says that he will do so. It might take them some time to put the pen to paper and hammer down the details, but it shouldn’t be too longer before New York decides to jump in with both feet and legalize recreational marijuana.

    4. Connecticut

Just like New Jersey and Illinois, Connecticut has decided to elect a pro-recreational marijuana governor, Ned Lamont. And states surrounding Connecticut (Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts) have all legalized recreational marijuana, with neighbor New Jersey next in line. Democrats control the legislature, so this  may be the best chance they have to make a move!

   5. Rhode Island

Unlike most of the other states listed above, Rhode Island didn’t elect any pro-recreational people into office, but the state has been exploring their options all throughout 2018. It simply seems overly probable that Rhode Island will end up voting for recreational marijuana over the next couple years.

   6. Minnesota

Minnesota might be somewhat of a stretch when it comes to the legalization of recreational marijuana. However, they did just elect Democrat Tim Walz, who does openly support recreational marijuana legalization. Unfortunately for Tim, the Minnesota senate is still controlled by the republican party. Walz would need bipartisan support for any recreational marijuana legalization effort that he undertakes. That being said that while its a shot in the dark, there is still a possibility that Minnesota will legalize marijuana!


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